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Ready to convert to natural gas? It’s easy to get started!

BGE makes it easier and more affordable than ever to bring the benefits of natural gas home. Just submit the form to the right and a BGE Natural Gas Connection Program representative will be in touch with you soon to let you know if you are eligible for natural gas service.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

  • Lower your energy costs. Check out our Gas Savings Calculator at to compare your current and potential energy costs for heating, cooking and more.
  • Work with a variety of appliances. Your cooking range, water heater, clothes dryer and fireplace can all be converted to gas. You can also use gas outdoors for lighting and grills.
  • Improve comfort and warming efficiency. Your water heats faster, your clothes dry faster with fewer wrinkles and your home warms more efficiently with natural gas appliances and HVAC equipment.*
  • Protect the environment with cleaner, more abundant energy. Compared to coal, oil and propane, natural gas is far more energy efficient. Households with natural gas spend on average 49% less than those with all-electric appliances and produce 53% lower greenhouse gas emissions.**
  • Connect for free. Simply install at least one standard gas appliance—furnace, fireplace, clothes dryer, water heater, cooking range or outdoor grill—in your home within a year of your connection.
  • INITIATION (1 week)
  • Confirmation call from BGE
  • Meet your BGE project manager
  • Customer selects a contractor for in-home installation
  • DESIGN (4–6 weeks)
  • BGE designer visits your home
  • Project design completion
  • Contractor installs interior gas line
  • SCHEDULING (3–4 weeks)
  • Construction is scheduled††
  • Customer has public and private utilities marked
  • CONSTRUCTION (1 week)
  • 48-hour notice of construction day
  • Customer’s in-home contractor completes connection
  • CONNECTING (within 1 year)
  • Customer connects at least one gas appliance

*American Gas Association 2020

**U.S. Department of Energy

†The first 150 feet of service line from the gas main to your home is free with the installation of one standard gas appliance (space heating, cooking, water heating and/or clothes drying) within the first year. Additional charges include the service line cost in excess of 150 feet, Gas Service Application Charge and fixed monthly Customer Charge. You are responsible for the cost of having a contractor install internal piping and for the cost of new appliance(s). If you do not already have a gas main installed in front of your home, or if the gas main is at a higher-pressure level than used to serve new residential customers, this offer does not apply. Offer valid through the end of 2022. Offers and fees may change. Visit for more information.

††Scheduling can vary depending on workload, weather and crew availability.